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Become a POLAR SEAL Dealer!

Are you looking for an exciting business opportunity? You may want to consider becoming a POLAR SEAL dealer.

POLAR SEAL is an innovative and unique elastomeric acrylic roofing system. Our product is not only innovative, it is also made without using petroleum products, is easy to apply, offers flexible options for application, and provides exceptional performance. Our decades of experience in design, construction and maintenance provided us with important insight into developing this quality product, which has helped make it one of the leading options for providing a lasting, reliable seal for your roof.

POLAR SEAL DealerWe started the research that led to the POLAR SEAL system in the 1970s and continue that research today. We decided to focus on developing a product that does not rely on petroleum products due to the oil crisis of the ‘70s, and that decision is doubly important today with volatile oil markets and growing environmental consciousness among property owners.

The POLAR SEAL system is easy to apply, and ships ready to use, with no stirring or preparation necessary. Seamless and self-flashing, POLAR SEAL can be recoated as needed for maintenance.

POLAR SEAL also provides flexible application options, and can be brushed, rolled or sprayed onto roof surfaces. This flexibility means that your customers can use POLAR SEAL in many environments and situations, and contractors can apply it in the way that makes the most sense for a particular roof. Additionally, POLAR SEAL is usable with many types of roofs, including asphalt, metal, plywood, concrete and more. Users can also choose between a waterproof installation or leaving a breathable membrane for different roof areas.

The outstanding performance of the POLAR SEAL system guarantees your customers will be completely satisfied with the results. POLAR SEAL resists UV degradation, is crack resistant, and even stops and resists rust on metal roofs. This roofing system is also safe to use in a variety of temperatures, from the subzero cold experienced in the winter in the northern states all the way up to the tropical summer heat of the South.

Make your contracting business, roofing supply store or other construction company more versatile by becoming a POLAR SEAL dealer or distributor today. To learn more, give us a call at 888-569-ROOF (7663) and find out how you can become a POLAR SEAL dealer.