Acrylic Roof Coating

POLAR SEAL Products are shipped ready to apply as packaged without any mixing or stirring. All products are environmentally safe, non toxic and free from harmful fumes. Simple application procedures lower the cost and last years longer than any coating. The bright white pure acrylic membrane is not damaged by sunlight or environmental pollution. It has excellent chemical resistance to ammonia, chlorine, insecticides, herbicides, and other common airborne chemicals and does not shrink or become brittle due to aging.

POLAR SEAL withstands subzero temperatures and tropical heat without damage. In winter, the white surface does not generate heat; it allows snow to remain longer to provide an insulating blanket from the cold. There is no structure-overloading. The complete roofing system usually weighs 25 to 30 pounds per 100 square feet, less on metal roofs. It lowers the surface temperature of metal roofs and prevents the constant contraction and expansion that pulls nails loose, causes leaks at fasteners and loosens lap joints.

POLAR SEAL stops existing rust and prevents rust from occurring. POLAR SEAL becomes a seamless membrane regardless of the size, shape, or slope. Wind cannot remove it from the surface it is applied on. All flashings are fiberglass reinforced and become a part of the seamless membrane.

Did you know that POLAR SEAL does all these things:

check-mark-3-32 Stops Roof Leaks
check-mark-3-32 Stops Existing rust on metal roofs
check-mark-3-32 Stops oil migration in asphalt
check-mark-3-32 Scrim reinforceable when needed
check-mark-3-32 No structual overloading
check-mark-3-32 Builds membrane to any specified mil thickness
check-mark-3-32 Seamless and self flashing on any size,shape, or slope
check-mark-3-32 Eliminates thermal shock
check-mark-3-32 Reduces contraction and expansion
check-mark-3-32 Crack resistant
check-mark-3-32 Liquid applied with spray,brush,or roller
check-mark-3-32 100% adhesion reduces wind damage
check-mark-3-32 Forms permeable or non permeable roof
check-mark-3-32 Non toxic,environmentally safe
check-mark-3-32 Cleans up with soap and water
check-mark-3-32 Withstands extreme high and low temperatures
check-mark-3-32Recoat with Top Security when maintenance is need