Polar Seal - Seamless Acrylic Roof Systems

POLAR SEAL is the result of continuing research that was started in the early 1970’s. The research was brought about to find a solution to the roofing problems on our own buildings. Due to the oil crisis at that time, we chose to develop a system that did not use petroleum products. As a result of this research, that still continues, our POLAR SEAL customers receive the only roofing system of it’s kind.

Our forty years of experience in various phases of construction, maintenance, and designing residential, commercial, industrial, and farm buildings, provided us with the basic knowledge we needed to properly evaluate the stability of different products for use in this totally new and unique roofing system. Our goal was to provide an alternative to the antiquated roofing materials that were developed during the horse and buggy era, and are still used today. Today a roofing system must be environmentally safe, easy to apply, and give properties the capability to be cost effective and provide energy savings, year after year.

We have reports of up to 40% reduction in A\C cost after a POLAR SEAL Roof was installed over an existing asphalt roof. Reducing the interior temperatures of warehouses and other structures without A\C has increased poultry, animal and human productivity as much as 25%. These statistics and many others like them reinforce what we have thought for years – POLAR SEAL roofing technology is one of the best roofing systems around.