A Seamless Acrylic Roofing System


The Choice Is Yours, with the POLAR SEAL Elastomeric Acrylic Roofing System. POLAR SEAL gives you the choice of building a breathing membrane or a waterproof membrane in select areas of any roof. Liquid application for versatility of design with spray, brush, or roller.


The POLAR SEAL SYSTEM is made by applying two different water based acrylic plastic emulations onto new sheathing or an existing roof.

  1. In most applications, the first product applied to build the “POLAR SEAL ROOFING SYSTEM” is Prime Security. The Roof Coating is applied to establish a vapor barrier and waterproof membrane. Prime Security prevents or stops existing rust on metal, and stops migration of oils in asphalt products. For high tensile strength, a polyester mat is installed in the Prime Security Emulsion during application.
  2. The second and final product is Top Security. It is a very bright white reflective heat shield that uses a high concentrate of Titanium Dioxide to reflect the ultra violet rays of the sun. This prevents heat buildup in the roof as well as the structure’s interior.

We have broken down the steps in more detail below for our Roof Coatings.

POLAR SEAL Prime Security 100% adhesion to substrate:

  • stops oil migration in asphalt
  • sets base for water-proofing or polyester applications
  • apply 1-1&1/2 gal. per square.

Woven Polyester Scrim Install where high tensile strength is needed:

  • increases fire retardation
  • used in flashing & repair areas.
  • tensile strength approximately 1925 lbs. psi per mat application.
  • Mat weight 4.68 lbs. per square.

POLAR SEAL Prime Security 2nd Coat This forms a waterproof membrane and encapsulates the polyester.

  • apply 1&1\2-2 gal. per square on polyester scrim- or –
  • 1-1&1\2 per square without scrim

POLAR SEAL Top Security Creates a homogenous bond to Prime Security:

  • titanium Dioxide for Superior UV barrier, heat reflection
  • non-chalking
  • mildew and fungus resistant
  • crack resistant
  • low temp. flexibility
  • long term durability
  • apply 1-1&1\2 gal. per. square.

POLAR SEAL Top Security 2nd Coat This will fill any voids in the first coat and build a membrane for protection which will provide a longer service life.

  • apply 1-1&1\2 gal. per square.


A non-inclusive list of the many surfaces that POLAR SEAL can be applied to includes: Asphalt, Asphalt Shingles, Rolled Roofing, Coal Tar, New or Rusted Metal, Wood, Plywood, Waferboard, Brick Crete, Concrete, Tile, Aluminum, Beadboard, Styrofoam, Urethane Products, Asbestos Shingles, and other warm dry surfaces.